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FreeAgent CRM + Sendgrid

With FreeAgent and Sendgrid you are able to truly unlock full-featured bulk emailing, and be confident that your emails will be delivered to a contact’s inbox every time.

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What you can do:

Send email blasts with confidence knowing that, whether you send 1000 emails or 1.5 million, they will get to your contact's inbox and not end up in their spam folder.

Get real-time notifications for opens, clicks, bounces, and click-throughs so you can get reporting data on email campaign efficacy right in FreeAgent.

Emails sent through a campaign will not be lumped together into a mass email chain, and will be logged to each contact's Timeline individually to keep a full history of each email outreach to every individual contact.

Use FreeAgent’s robust filtered views to build customized targeted segments to send out email blasts that are personalized to your target audience.

Use Sendgrid with FreeAgent’s email template builder to create and send professional-looking custom emails with a simple drag-and-drop interface, to get the exact email layout you need without needing any exterior design tools.

Our Benefits:

Gets to the inbox every time

Sendgrid is the industry-leading email delivery service built to maximize an email's inbox placement. Sendgrid’s streamlined deliverability management tools and their proprietary Mail Transfer Agent are built to ensure deliverability. Coupled with FreeAgent’s powerful reporting and segmentation tools, build massive targeted email campaigns with no limits.

Reliable email delivery at scale

With their global cloud-based infrastructure and trusted proprietary delivery agent delivering over 90 billion emails a month, be assured that no matter how your business grows FreeAgent with Sendgrid will scale to meet your mass email needs.

Full-featured segmentation

With FreeAgent and Sendgrid create and deliver personalized emails to the right contacts using FreeAgent’s custom views to sort, filter, group, and calculate any of your fields, such as industry, role, ARR, last contacted, or any other fields you need. Once you have your contacts selected, simply click the “Bulk Email via Sendrgrid” button to send your campaign directly to every inbox in that segment, making sure you get your emails to the right contacts every time.

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