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FreeAgent CRM Automated Import

Automated import in FreeAgent CRM integrates CRM data from third-party systems, securely uploads files, and efficiently handles large datasets, ensuring synchronization and data consistency.


About Automated Import

What is it?

Automated import allows you to import new and updated CRM data into FreeAgent CRM, on demand from 3rd party systems. The import API call automatically creates a job, a record of the import operation, and very valuable processing information.

What is "automated import" used for?

For integrating 3rd party systems like your organization's ERP or other enterprise systems. Often it's used to both 'create' new records as well as for 'updates' to keep systems in sync!

How does it work? Does it keep my organization's data secure?

You call import via an API, and that includes uploading the file into the FreeAgent CRM infrastructure. This ensures your organization's data is kept secure / you do not need to stage the file in a public location.

How easy is it to use?

Very easy for dedicated technical professionals. Ensure your import "file" correctly maps to the FreeAgent CRM column names and you're all set.

How does automated import handle large data sets?

Import handles large data sets very well. It processes records in sets of 1,000, and uses the primary FreeAgent import infrastructure for job processing. 30 days of import data is maintained for inspection, including information on all processed records: creates, updates, and errors.

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