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FreeAgent CRM + Twilio

Use Twilio with FreeAgent to make calls and send messages directly from within FreeAgent.

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What you can do:

Make outbound calls, and send or receive SMS/MMS messages without impeding the view of your work with a convenient popup widget that can appear anywhere in FreeAgent.

Capture call transcriptions and the call-to-talk ratio (% employee talk vs. contact speaking) for better insight into your lead status, account priority, deal status, and call outcomes.

FIlter call transcriptions by keywords to receive notifications for mentions of specific keywords by your team or the contact, to help efficiently start prioritizing your resources.

Automate SMS campaigns with FreeAgent Workflows to improve outreach with your contacts, increasing efficiency across the board and making sure your latest campaign gets to the right people.

Include or receive images and offers directly in a records Timeline in FreeAgent, not limiting you to how you communicate or request information from your contacts.

Our Benefits:

Integrated in-app calling like no other CRM

FreeAgent with Twilio Provides VoIP like no other CRM. Make calls natively in FreeAgent with no installation or plugin setup from the easy-to-use popup widget interface. Enable Twilio with a few clicks, and you can have VoIP calling set up for the whole company directly from the browser.

Call transcription and analytics right in FreeAgent

Twilio’s integration helps create engaging interactions with your contacts using speech recognition and transcription systems to analyze call intent in over 100+ languages to make sure that you capture and log all the important details on a call. FreeAgent with Twilio uses keywords and phrase recognition for better transcription out-of-the-box requiring no pre-training to get started analyzing your call statistics.

Worldwide connectivity with zero downtime

Twillio provides low latency global calling without having to fuss with maintaining and building a network yourself. Twilios super network means you don’t have to worry about managing carriers and lets you focus on interacting with your contacts and customers directly. With Twilio and FreeAgent you can focus on what is important; reaching out to your contacts.

Data privacy and security built in

Twilio gives you built-in compliance and data privacy through support for PCI compliance for over-the-phone payments, and HIPAA compliance to maintain security and data privacy for healthcare clients. All while maintaining call recording encryption to ensure every aspect of your calls is secure from start to finish.

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