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FreeAgent CRM + Outlook Calendar

With Outlook Calendar and FreeAgent pair your calendar to book meetings and track rep availability.

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What you can do:

Create a meeting in either FreeAgent or Outlook Calendar and have them both sync automagically.

View, sort, filter, and report on all of your meeting data in real-time directly from FreeAgent with Calendar view to get the full context of when your meetings are happening, helping you more efficiently manage your team.

Create custom fields for your meeting records to track and report on personalized metrics like the outcome, purpose of meeting, next contact date, contact sentiment, and more.

Use FreeAgent’s 15+ data visualizations and charts to get real-time analytics on your meeting data using the embedded Dashlet view or with FreeAgent's fully featured reporting Dashboards.


Two-way calendar sync in real-time

Pair your Outlooks account with FreeAgent to sync your Outlook Calendar. Once connected you can create, invite and update meetings in either Outlook Calendar or FreeAgent and have the peace of mind of knowing they all your meetings will sync seamlessly.

No more scheduling conflicts

With FreeAgent synced with Outlook Calendar, you no longer need to worry about schedule conflicts with other team members when scheduling meetings. When a team member is added to a meeting, you can view any schedule conflicts that prevent them from attending, letting you schedule with confidence and spend less time tracking your team’s schedule.

Customized meeting metrics

Create custom fields for your meetings app in FreeAgent to help you add additional details and create more meaningful metrics to track your meetings and their outcomes. With these custom fields added, build reports and populate charts in FreeAgent to get customized insights into your team's performance based on your business needs.

Data Sharing Pathway

Outlook Calendar

Data Flow

FreeAgent CRM

Meeting Creation/Updates

Meeting Creation/Updates

Outlook Calendar Subscriptions Compatible

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

per user,

per month

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

per user,

per month

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

per user,

per month

Microsoft 365 Apps for business

per user,

per month


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