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FreeAgent CRM + IMAP

FreeAgent is one of the only CRMs that offers IMAP support, with FreeAgent paired with your IMAP server log and creating a full history of all of your important email interactions.

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What you can do:

Send and receive emails directly in FreeAgent, with an easy-to-use email widget that doesn’t interrupt your workflow.

Use the no-code automation builder to set up instant auto-responses for new leads.

Automate email cadences with FreeAgent's robust workflow engine to make sure no customer falls through the cracks keeping cycles times low.

Better targeting for bulk emails with FreeAgent’s dynamic filtered views.

Data-filled email templates sent from FreeAgent can streamline and personalize tedious repetitive response emails drastically improving efficiency.

Continue sending emails the way you always have. As long as an email is paired with FreeAgent, it will capture all emails sent or received from your contacts, even when an email is sent from outside of the FreeAgent Web of Mobile App.*

 * Only emails sent to or received from contacts imported or created in FreeAgent will be logged to any records. All other emails will be kept private. Including emails between employees.


Two-way email sync

FreeAgent offers easy intuitive IMAP support. Pair your IMAP account with FreeAgent in a few clicks using your IMAP email, password, and incoming and outgoing server information right within FreeAgent. No confusing setup, and no plug-in installation. Just log in using your email, password, and server information and start emailing your contacts from FreeAgent within minutes.

Never miss a thing

FreeAgent automatically captures all email interactions with contacts. Your work emails will automatically stream into your records with no manual syncing required, just pair your IMAP email and FreeAgent will handle the rest.

Stay working in a single app

With FreeAgent and IMAP paired you can send and receive email directly from within FreeAgent never having to check your inbox again. With Google Chrome Notification support you can be notified when a contact has replied to your email so you can follow up as quickly as possible.

Email Reporting Made Easy

FreeAgent's custom fields and robust reporting capabilities can filter, sort, and group by any field type. Report on any field or metric you want, and get actionable insights on how your email campaigns perform using FreeAgent’s reporting views, 15+ data visualizations, and Dashboards.

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