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FreeAgent CRM + DocuSign

With FreeAgent and Docusign you are able to get deals signed faster, monitor and optimize the signature process, and gain full visibility into signed contracts.
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What you can do:

The world's #1 way to sign electronically Send a quote or order for Docusign e-signature with a single click

Define signature and counter-signature blocks using signature, date signed, text, and date blocks

Capture signature completion automatically and track in FreeAgent

Capture a link to the signed contract so your extended team can access it easily

Our Benefits:

Get deals signed faster

If you’re moving to e-signature for the first time, you’ll do business so much faster. And both you and your customer will be able to refer back to the signed contract to avoid issues down the road. If you already use e-signature.

Monitor the signature process

No need to login to Docusign to see whether quotes have been signed. Know where contracts stand in real-time, right from FreeAgent. This means less questions to operations people “pinging” to get status.

Full visibility to signed contracts

Signed contract links are auto-sent to FreeAgent and made available on quotes or orders.

Data Sharing Pathway

FreeAgent CRM

Data Flow





Signed Contract


Define Email Template used to introduce the e-signature document, promoting your brand & personalizable with info from your customer

Capture the docusign envelope ID in FreeAgent

Dynamically set the customer ‘signer’ name and email address based on your FreeAgent Quote / Order

Define all the signer tags you need to capture in a customizable Quote template - including signature, datesigned, date, and even custom text blocks

Enable cc parties as Docusign watchers

Enable counter-signature

Define counter-signature controller inside your company (name, email address)

Define counter-signature controller inside your company (name, email address)

Define counter-signature tags include signature, datesigned, date, and even custom text blocks

Automatically set the stage of the quote when sending for signature e.g. Quote Stage = Sent for Signature

Automatically set the stage of the quote once signed e.g. Quote Stage = E-Signed


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